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Salesforce Supercharge Their Product Marketing With Interactive Video

Salesforce, the galactic leader in sales enablement software, has partnered with WIREWAX to deliver their product marketing and sponsorships as interactive video experiences. With ever-expanding sales and product teams, Salesforce were searching for a way to introduce and explain a complex product set in a succinct, easy-to-understand format. Being that these products are detailed in explainer videos, it seemed a natural evolution to make these videos connected experiences with the WIREWAX Studio.

With a robust, multi-faceted product, utilized by thousands of partners and millions of customers, video became an effective method for external communication in every part of the business. By adding interactivity, they’ve opened up brand-new channels for lead generation, product purchases, and more, on social and across their web properties.

With WIREWAX Studio, Salesforce can allow their employees and customers to actively engage with their product offering while significantly increasing memorability. Interactive content is 32% more memorable than traditional video, thereby making sure that your brand’s content stays relevant in the mind of the consumer for longer.

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